Filstop is the new name of Philam Food in the wake of a million-dollar federal lawsuit being filed against it.

PhilamFood was caught repeatedly shipping expired food to customers who ordered through their online store, as well as making a bogus Paypal charge, which they vehemently denied when it was posted about on their Facebook page’s review section — the customer then posted a screenshot of the Paypal receipt clearly showing that Philamfood did in fact deduct a fee when she asked for a refund.

Philamfood Paypal Refund

The reason the customer asked for a refund was because she had paid a hefty $43 for shipping under the assumption that her order would be delivered asap. When she was told that the delivery could not be made within the timeframe promised, yet she still had to pay the $43 shipping fee for next-week delivery, she asked for a refund.

PhilamFood then disabled the Reviews section of their Facebook page, making the reviews about the expired food and Paypal charges invisible to visitors. The Facebook page was later renamed.

Philam Food

Phil-Am Food of Jersey City Sued for One Million Dollars

Lawsuit filed in New Jersey by wholesaler Phil-Am Trading against grocery store Phil-Am Food Merchandising for consumer fraud and false designation of origin.

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Essex County Courthouse, New Jersey: Lawsuit filed against Erwin Santos of Phil-Am Merchandising (PhilAm Food)

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Nature of Suit: Wage Theft, Failure to Pay Overtime Wages

Why PhilamFood is Now Filstop

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Why PhilamFood is Now Filstop: A Morality Play

In May 2009, Erwin Santos had his best friend Paul Borges write a one-star review on the Yelp page of East West Market, a grocery store owned by Derrick Arcilla, whose family also owns the wholesale company Phil-Am Trading.

Fast forward to 2015, when Phil-Am Trading files a million-dollar lawsuit against Philam Food, the retail store owned by Erwin Santos.

Kung Bakit Filstop na Ngayon ang Philamfood

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Kung Ba’t Filstop na Ngayon ang Philamfood: Isang Parabula

May isang lalaki sa bayan ng Essex na ang pangalan ay Erwin. Inggit na inggit siya sa napangasawa ng kanyang pinsan, ang lalaking ang pangalan ay Derrick. Nag-iisip si Erwin kung paano niya masisira ang buhay nina Derrick, o kabuhayan man lang.

Ang pamilya ni Derrick ay may tindahan na ang tawag ay East West Market. Mayroon din silang kumpanya na ang tawag ay Phil-Am Trading.

Dahil magkakamag-anak nga sila at iisa ang pinagmulan ng mga negosyo ng kanilang angkan, nagkataon na ang pangalan ng maliit na kumpanya ni Erwin ay Phil-Am Merchandising at ang maliit na tindahan naman ay nakilala bilang Phil-Am Food.