Filipino and Filipino Americans currently have underway a BOYCOTT of Ramar Foods products and events.

Ramar Foods is a company based in Northern California.

It keeps suing San Miguel for using the Magnolia logo, which was created and developed for decades by San Miguel.

San Miguel created the Magnolia brand in 1925, developing it into one of the most iconic brands of the Philippines.

Ramar Foods (Quesada Family) started using the same Magnolia mark on its California ice cream in the 1970s.

In the 1990s, Ramar Foods registers the name and logo… and protests San Miguel wanting to use it.

Under current United States law, Ramar Foods “beat” San Miguel to registering the name and logo that San Miguel had created.

To this day, many Filipino Americans assume that there is a licensing or distribution agreement between Ramar Foods and San Miguel. There has never been any. In fact, Ramar keeps taking San Miguel to court for using the Magnolia brand on other products, such as butter, margarine and cheese.

BOYCOTT the following products:

Magnolia Ice Cream USA (OMGpeke)
Pampanga’s Best USA (OMGpeke)
Magnolia Longanisa
Magnolia Beef Tapa
Magnolia Tocino
Orientex frozen lumpia
Manila Gold Calamansi
So Naimas
Turo-Turo Gourmet
Kusina ni Maria

PJ Quesada’s FAKE Filipino Food Movement

Don’t be duped into supporting Ramar’s FAKE Filipino Food Movement!