Filstop is the new name of Philam Food in the wake of a million-dollar federal lawsuit being filed against it.

PhilamFood was caught repeatedly shipping expired food to customers who ordered through their online store, and in a separate incident making a bogus Paypal charge, which they vehemently denied when it was posted about on their Facebook page’s review section — the customer then posted a screenshot of the Paypal receipt clearly showing that Philamfood did in fact deduct a fee when she asked for a refund.

Philamfood Paypal Refund

The reason the customer asked for a refund was because she had paid a hefty $43 for shipping under the assumption that her order would be delivered asap. When she was told that the delivery could not be made within the timeframe promised, yet she still had to pay the $43 shipping fee for next-week delivery, she asked for a refund.

Filstop Review

Phil Am Food then disabled the Reviews section of their Facebook page, making the reviews about the expired food and Paypal charges invisible to visitors. The Facebook page was later renamed.

Philam Merchandising (Phil-Am Food) and Filstop are still the exact same business entity on New Jersey state’s books. If you have cause to file a lawsuit against the old Philam Food / Merchandising, you can still do it by suing FilStop.

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