Barrio Fiesta LLC v. Northridge Foods International

Barrio Fiesta, LLC v. Northridge Foods International, Inc.

Lawsuit Summary

Parties Involved

Main Plaintiff Barrio Fiesta, LLC
Main Defendant Northridge Foods International, Inc.

Filing Information

Case Number 4:2015-cv-02669
Date Filed 2015-06-12
Federal District Court NORTHERN CALIFORNIA

Nature Of Suit

Nature Of Suit: Trademarks

Complaint filed on June 12, 2015
Answer to Complaint: July 23, 2015

Exhibit A: Deposition by Bonifacio Ongpauco

Exhibit B: Deposition by Cesar Cauton

Exhibit C: Deposition by Erwin Santos

Exhibit D: Deposition by Ramar Foods
Deponent: Susie Quesada (PDF of deposition)

Exhibit E: Deposition by June Francis Rono
Exhibit F: Deposition by June Francis Rono
Exhibit G: Deposition by Justin Rono
Exhibit H: Deposition by Ashley Rono
Exhibit I: Deposition by Michelle Villanueva

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